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Find your perfect mask case

Discover a simple and convenient solution to safely carry your masks.

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Hygienic, convenient and good value

Who doesn't have a dirty, crumpled mask at the bottom of a bag or pocket? Look no further, there is a simple and convenient solution for carrying masks in complete safety: the mask case.

We offer easy to use and light to carry quality cases that hold up to 3 masks (disposable or reusable).

Etui de protection pour masques

Mask storage clips

CHF 8.90 for a 5-pack
Convenient and good value, sold in packs of 5 or 10.
Super tiny, perfect for a single mask.
Slides into the smallest pockets. .
Ideal for standard masks.

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Rectangular cases

CHF 8.90
Carry your masks anywhere without folding them
Holds up to 5 standard masks.
Ideal to carry in your bag, backback, car, office ...
Ideal for standard masks.

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Square cases

CHF 8.90
Compact shape, ideal for small pockets.
Can hold up to 3 standard masks.
Fits anywhere: bag, back pocket, drawer ...
Ideal for your reusable mask or N95 masks.

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Travel size hand sanitizer bottle

CHF 9.90 for 3
Food grade plastic, BPA-free.
Refillable with your hand sanitizer gel
Many colors and characters available.
Easily attached to your bag with its silicon strap.

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NoTouch Key

CHF 9.90
Open doors and press buttons..
Easy way to avoid germs.
Works on touch screens.
Made of zinc alloy..

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Fully customizable cases

Need a convenient giveaway for your customers, employees, or students? All our storage clips and cases are customizable from 200 pieces. Ask us for a quote.

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Our fully customizable cases

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